5 tips to keep your lingerie lasting longer

5 Tips to get your lingerie to last longer

There is nothing more annoying than than sifting through your lingerie drawer only to find bras that have lost support, lingerie that's started to fade, and screwed up silk pieces.

Like everything else in your wardrobe, your lingerie needs TLC. Whether it's an everyday piece or one that you're saving for that special occasion, without proper care your lingerie can start to look tired.

1. Don't wash bras after every wear

A little like when you wash your hair, there is no need to wash your bras every day. Though this does sound a little unhygienic, if you constantly wash them, this can actually break down the materials that provide support and can damage the bra's structure. We recommend you wash your bras after you've worn them five times, and make sure you rotate your bras between wearing them as well. Unless they're sports bras, in that case, you want to wash them after every wear.

2. Hand wash only

Lingerie is delicate. Your machine may have a delicates setting, but we still recommend a good old fashioned hand wash. Don't worry, this won't take long, we promise! Simply fill the sink with water, lukewarm, and add a cap of delicate lingerie wash. Swirl the lingerie around the soapy water. Once you have finished, gently wring them out, getting rid of that excess water and laying them flat to dry.

3. Never use a tumble dryer

Of course, if you do have to machine wash, make sure you have it on the delicates setting. But do not machine dry your lingerie. The material will break down, and the wire within some of your bras may distort or change shape.

4. Spooning

When it comes to storing your lingerie, you need to make sure you do it in such a way that your pieces maintain their shape, while also not taking up too much room in your wardrobe! If you have a space for your bras, arrange them with the cups spooning one another. This means you can avoid your bras crushing each other. It also frees up space in your wardrobe, which is very Marie Kondo-esque!

5. Hang if you can

If you've got the luxury of space in your wardrobe, we recommend that you hang your lingerie, especially delicates like chemises and silk bras. You can get a range of specialist hangers for lingerie that keeps their shape. If you don't have a lot of space, make sure that the clasps on your bras are secured and lay them flat. If you have any silky pieces, don't fold or twist them.

So there you go! Make sure you follow these tips to keep your favourite pieces of lingerie looking and feeling fantastic.